User Access & Settings

User Management allows to assign access rights. Under settings, define preferences!

Features of User Management Module & Settings in the Software The software offers you a User Management Module to create users and assign permissions to users. Under settings, you can define your settings to save a lot of time while making transactions in the software.

User Management

In User Management, you can create User Name and Set password for the user. You can set permissions for each user individually for each module and sub module. Set permission to open, Edit, Delete or print tasks. You may also create Roles and define permissions on roles and then assign role to the user. By giving proper access rights, you can secure your data by giving required access to concerned users.

Document Numbering Settings

The Software generate various documents like quotations, sales invoices, sales returns, purchase orders, purchase receipts, bills and some ledger transaction documents. For all these documents, one has to give a unique number. In settings, under numbering, User can define the document number generation settings. You can set numbering type as sequential or date standard with prefix characters. Yes, you can define these numbering standards for each and every module's document. So while create documents like quotation, software generates automatically new unique number following your standard.

Default Value Settings

In many work environments, one user is performing one type of task regularly when work is devided between users. User can set preferences under settings to apply centain values by default when working under those modules. So while making any transaction, software will automatically select default set values from drop downs or default set values.

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