Banking Module

EzyAccounting Software offers Banking Module with 6 Sub modules.

Features of Banking Module in EzyAccounting Software The Banking Module in this accounting software is used to manage bank details, organise bank transactions of cheque payments, deposits and reconciliation of bank transactions in an easy way. You have Bank Master to organize your Bank details, Cheques, Deposits, Bank Adjustments, Bank Register and Bank Reconciliation. You may add unlimited records under each module

PDC Payable / Receivable

These modules handle Cheques that are given or received as PDC.

PDC Clearance

To clear the Cheques that are given or received as Postdated. The cheque may be cleared or bounced. Accounts will be maintained accordingly.

Bank Reconciliation

The software reconciles your bank account against your monthly statement. Bank Account Reconciliation is usually done once per month, when you receive the print of your monthly statement from your bank or financial institution. You will be able to review the list of payments and deposits from your bank accounts and clear the transactions that appear on the statement.

Contra Voucher

Handles all bank deposit, withdrawal or transfers.

Journal Voucher

The gap between actual and expected ledger balance can be adjusted here.

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