Financial Accounting Module

EasyAccounting Software offers Financial Accounting Module with 5 Sub modules.

Features of Financial Accounting Module in EasyAccounting Software The core Accounting Module of this accounting system is used by accountants to perform day-to-day accounting operations. Accounting module consists five sub-modules. You have Chart of Account Management, General Ledger, Day Book, Accounting adjustments and Financial Periods Management. You may perform unlimited transactions under every module.

Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts is used to organize detailed information about general ledger accounts. You can define unlimited GL accounts and Sub Accounts here.

Define chart of account in accounting software

general ledger entries in accounting software

General Ledger

you can issue a Cheque from one of your bank accounts. This module is setup to resemble an actual Cheque and is easy to fill out. The Cheques module is not for paying bills or doing anything with the payable areas of the program. These items get paid through the Bills module. A Cheque can be issued from one of your bank accounts through the Bills. When you create bills, you will be able to view and print the Cheques that were created from the Bills module in the Cheques module.

Day Book Module

This Day book / General Journal module makes possible revision of all the transactions of all accounts. Transactions are sorted by date. Period from the beginning of the year until the current date is provided in the From Date field and the To Date field by default, you can change it into a necessary one.

General Journal in accounting software

accounting adjustment entries

Accounting Adjustments

The Adjustments allows you to enter transactions, that aren't specific to the Checkbook, Sales, Purchases and Inventory transactions. You use the Adjustments to enter those types of transactions, that are not readily categorized elsewhere in the program. EasyAccounting Software provides this module for bookkeepers and accountants who are knowledgeable about debits and credits and who prefer to enter certain transactions through journal entry.

Financial Periods

This Financial Periods Module is used for creation, control and closing of all the financial periods. Push New Period button for automatic creation of new period. In the window, which will appear, you can choose periodicity (monthly or by the quarter) and initial month of the fiscal year. For the closing of the period push Close Period button. Periods will close in series top-down, irrespectively of which grid is extracted at the moment. If the fiscal year is still unclosed, you can also open periods by Open Period button.

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