Inventory Management

EasyAccounting Software offers Inventory Module with 3 Sub modules.

Features of Inventory Module in EasyAccounting Software Inventory Management is an important part of this accounting software. System support Lifo, Fifo and weighted average. Sale and purchase modules automatically manage stock quantities.

Warehouse Master

The Warehouse Master is used for the storage of the detailed information about the warehouses. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary since most of the fields are not required to be filled in. You can create unlimited warehouses.

warehouses master in inventory module

Inventory Management Overview

Inventory items master in accounting software

The Inventory Item Master is used to organize detailed information about the products or services you sell. The left side is list of all your inventory items and right side, you can see details of the item, you have selected on left side. You can list unlimited inventory items.

Inventory items master general

Inventory Item Master - General

The Inventory Item Master is used for the storage of detailed information about the products or services you sell. It is possible to view such details as quantity in warehouse and on order, pricing levels, vendors and many others. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary since several of the fields are not required to be filled in. Items Numbers are unique and generated automatically as per defined rule in settings.

Inventory items master financial settings

Inventory Item Master - Financial

Under Financial Tab, Product unit cost is calculated and stored in Cost field (costing method for all inventory items is provided in Options) if you want to enter the cost which differs from calculated one, you can enter it manually in the Standard Cost field; retail price should be entered in the Retail Price field. It is possible to use the Price Levels grid, in case if you need different price levels, dependent on loading quantity of the product. In the GL Accounts section you should indicate accounts which are necessary for accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions formation.

Stock Replenishment

The Stock Replenishment module is used for stock replenishment. To make this module work properly, the fields Reorder Point and Reorder Qty, as well as the Vendors grid from inventory item profile must be filled in. Push the Low Stock button, and you'll see the list of inventory items needed to be replenished. The quantity of the products to order is calculated, taking into consideration the quantity of already ordered but still undelivered products (Qty on Order) and incomplete delivery of products to the customers (Qty on BO). The calculated quantity of products to order is indicated in the Qty to Order field. If you want to form purchase orders for all the missing products, press Select All button and the system will mark all the positions and shift the Qty to Order field value to the Qty Order field.

create Stock Replenishment in accounting software

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