Purchasing Module

EasyAccounting Software offers Purchase Module with 6 Sub modules.

What Purchase Module Offers in EasyAccounting Software Purchasing is another important task of your business. EasyAccounting makes your purchase process very simple, transparent and time saving. This accounting software helps you to prepare all the documents of purchase process like preparing purchase order, Purchase Receipts, Pay Bills and get vendor statements etc.

Vendor Master

The Vendor Master is used to organize detailed information about vendors. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary since most of the fields are not required to be filled in. Vendors are normally companies in which you purchase products to sell to your customers.

supplier master in accounting software

LPO Management in accounting software

Purchase Orders Management

The Purchase Orders is used for creation, editing and looking through the information concerning the purchase orders. If the order is fulfilled by vendor, afterwards you will be able to convert purchase order into a purchase receipt. PO numbers are unique and generated automatically as per your numbering policy defined in settings.

Purchase Receipts Management

purchase receipt creation in accounting software

The Purchase Receipts is used for creation, editing and looking through the information concerning the supplies of inventory items by the vendor. You may create purchase receipt from purchase order. Purchase Receipt Numbers are unique and generated automatically as per policy defined in settings. Purchase Receipts entries affect the inventory automatically.

Bill Management

The Bills Management is used for creation, editing and looking through the information about purchase bills.

create purchase bills in accounting software

make bill payments in accounting software

Bill Payments

You can pay multiple or all payments to all your outstanding bills in the Pay Bills module. Inside this module you will see all outstanding transactions and balances for all your vendors. You are capable of entering your payments manually to any transaction, or apply payments by using Select All or Un-select All buttons. To pay the vendors' bills indicate the account you're going to pay from in the GL Account field.

Vendor Statement

The Vendor Statements lets you look through transactions of all vendors, or of the chosen one. You can choose the transactions, you want to look through by switching ie All, Paid or Unpaid outstanding transactions. All vendors transactions are shown by default, which you can filter by vendor name. Enter the date of the transaction, you want see in the Aging Date field.

get vendor statement in accounting software

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