Purchasing Module

EzyAccounting Software offers Purchase Module with 6 Sub modules.

What Purchase Module Offers in EzyAccounting Software Purchasing is another important task of your business. EzyAccounting makes your purchase process very simple, transparent and time saving. This accounting software helps you to prepare all the documents of purchase process like preparing purchase order, Purchase Receipts, Pay Bills and get vendor statements etc.

Purchase Order

This Module is used for creation, editing and managing the purchase orders. Purchase can be done against order, material receipt or directly.

Purchase Invoice

It is very easy to enter purchase invoices in the software. Purchase Invoice can be done against order, material receipt or directly.

Material Receipt

Receive the purchased material. Purchase receipt can be against purchase order or direct and affects your inventory.

Purchase Return

The returning of damaged items can be done easily. Return may be against an invoice. Direct returning is also possible.

Bill Payments

Can handles cheque & cash payments. Payments can be done against a bill or directly. Multiple payment can be done in a single voucher.

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