Sales Module

EasyAccounting Software offers Sales Module with 8 Sub modules.

What Sales Module Offers in EasyAccounting Software Sales is an important task of every business. EasyAccounting makes your sales process very simple, transparent and time saving. This accounting software helps you to prepare all the documents of sales process like preparing quotations, Sales order and invoicing etc.

Customer Master

The Customers module is used to store detailed information about the customers. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary since most of the fields are not required to be filled in. Customers are normally all the people which you sell your products or services to.

customer master in accounting software

sales representatives in accounting software

Sales Representatives

The Sales Representative Master is used for the storage of the detailed information about sales representatives. You can be as detailed as you feel necessary since most of the fields are not required. Contains general information concerning sales representatives. To let the sales representative get his commission, you must choose the commission type in Commission Type field, and indicate the percentage of the commission in Commission Pct field.

Quotations Management

The Quotations is used for creation, editing, look through the information concerning the potential sales to client. If customer decides to order the quoted items, afterwards you will be able to convert quotation into sales order, and then into invoice. Quotation numbers are unique and generated automatically as per your numbering policy defined in settings.

create Quotation in accounting software

sales order management in accounting software

Sales Order Management

The Sales Orders is used for creation, editing, look through the information concerning your customers' orders of inventory items. In future you will need to convert sales order into invoice where you will denote the quantity which is shipped materially. It is possible to create invoice without sales order, but in this case back order management will not be possible.

Invoice Management

create invoices in accounting software

The Invoice Management is used for creation, editing, looking through the information concerning the sale of inventory items & non-inventory items to your customers. Here you can input and trace the payments from your customers, You may receive multiple partial payment against same invoice. Invoice Numbers are unique and automatically generated as per your numbering policy defined in settings.

Receive Payments Management

The Receive Payments is that where you can receive multiple of payments from your customers. Inside this module you will see all outstanding transactions and balances for all your customers. You have the ability to enter payments manually to any transaction or apply payments by using the Select All or Un-select All buttons!

receive payments in accounting software

customer statement in accounting software

Customer Statement

The Customer Statement permits to look through transactions of all customers, or one you will select. Here you may choose which transactions in particular you want to look through; by switching to All – you can look through all transactions, only paid ones or outstanding transactions only. Transactions about every customer are given by default; if you want to look some particular customer's transactions you need to choose this customer out in the combo box Customer.

Backorder Management

The Backorder Management permits to track open and partially open sales orders, i.e. only the orders which is marked as Open or Partial in the Order Status field, will get into this window. Switch to All shows you all the positions in sales orders according to which it is necessary to perform the supply, even if the quantity of goods at the warehouse is insufficient. Switch to In Stock shows you only the positions of sales order for which there is a sufficient quantity of goods for the supply. In the Qty Order field the quantity that you are going to ship is indicated; having finished the filling in you have to push Create button, and separate invoice will be made for each sales order you have filled in.

back order management in accounting software

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